My work

  • Storytelling, storyboarding, VR experience conception.
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Cardboard integration, development, and animation scripting
  • Project management, load specs, UX


  • Client : MAIF Prévention
  • Production : Havas
  • Made by : Régis Boissenin & Xavier Rocher

Pedagogy with VR ;

By going around high schools and schools of France with their equipment (32 smartphones and cardboard, and a computer) MAIF volunteers do prevention with students on the subject of the grip of narcotics.

Workshop :

The first desktop application developed for the project submits the students to slide shows and a group quiz, punctuated by sketches by Waly Dia, from the Jamel Comedy Club. At the end of the session, students will create their own quiz, which they can submit to their entourage from the internet platform.

A remarkable VR experience:

3 virtual reality experiences will be experienced by the students. Controlled from the master application by the teacher, these experiments take place in real time and are synchronized by the master application. The first experience makes them experience thrills on a roller coaster. The second makes them live the evil and the dangers of too much alcohol or drugs. The last puts them in the shoes of a drunk driver, and makes them live a memorable and traumatic accident.

Une plateforme web de partage et de compétition :

The quizzes created in common in the class are sent online on a web platform. These quizzes can then be shared on social networks and everyone can pass it. The quiz that gets the highest score will allow its authors to win a trip to Paris to attend the Jamel Comedy Club.