My work

  • Game director
  • Art director
  • 3D artist (modeling, texturing, and animations)
  • Marketing assets


  • Production : VR-Connection
  • Team : Régis Boissenin, Dhia Kechana, Nicolas Kabiry

Hexarena : Robot Rage is wave shooter VR game I had the opportunity to lead and develop with a 3 man team in 3 months.
The objective was making an arcade location multiplayer game.

The main features of this game are :

  • Coop online multiplayer ( up to 6 players ).
  • 10 different enemies, and 6 behaviours.
  • An upgrade system for your weapon as the game gets harder (speed, accuracy, load capacity ….).
  • 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Director mode for spectators, and the arena sportcaster on actions being displayed.
  • High replay value, with 8 to 15 minutes per game.