Hexarena – Real time multiplayer first person shooter tower defense

Vidéo ( While WIP )

My work

  • Character animation and VFX
  • Modeling optimisation and asset shading
  • Gameplay upgrade, scoring mechanics…
  • IA programmation
  • Game developement

used softwares : Maya, Substance Painter, Unity3D, VisualStudio, AfterEffect


  • Client : VR-Connection / Eydolon
  • Production : Kiss the Future ( Régis Boissenin & Louis Mondésir )

Hexarena is a first-person shooter, with the rules of a Tower Defense. A player can team up with 2 friends to cooperate in real time in this arena, where waves of robots will try to reach a target, while the players would do everything to prevent them to succeed.

Only playable in Eydolon VR rooms, this multiplayer game is already a great success.

Developed in collaboration with VR-Connection & Kiss the Future, I was responsible for the software development of the game, networking for real-time multiplayer games, the establishment of the AI, the animation of characters and elements, and the implementation of a most of  the VFX.