Jumble – Dubai Leisure Park

My work

  • Developers team management
  • Digital videogame developement, and sensor serial linkings.
  • Production follow-up


  • Client : Landmark
  • Production : Cassiopee
  • Réalisation : Kiss the Future / Nexence / Cassiopee

The Landmark’s leisure park Jumble in Dubai offers you more than twenty adventures, totaling nearly 70 games.

The principle of these games, will require the teams to exploit all their physical and mental capacity to evolve through the rooms and perform prowess.

My work on this project has been to develop the graphic interfaces of all games that needed a digital display, and requiring precise movement detections (dance games, shooting games, digital puzzles …), as well as visual interfaces for the screens welcoming visitors in the park (scoreboard, mini-games corridors, photowall …), representing a dozen applications.

All these applications are interfaced on a server developed by Nexence, which gives start-up commands, configuration information for interfaces and games, end-of-game orders, and sounds to play.